Yep, 726 is Gared Steinkes number [Stankdog726]. But your RHYTHM Gloves will have your number on ’em! So it’ll be your personal pair of gloves. LEVEL MX Gloves are the only gloves which come customized with your individual, 0.04 Inch (1 mm) thick silicone number adhered, which makes your gloves 100% unique. They aren’t just looking good, they are very comfortable with a great tight fit and 39 gram lightweight. The airprene cuff supports the comfortable fit and has an adjustable velcro closure.

Choose your number first and then size to get your LEVEL MX Gloves.

LEVEL MX Gloves come with a very tight fit, almost like a second skin. You need to wear them 2 to 3 times before they have their perfect fit. If you don’t prefer the tight fit, rather choose one size bigger.

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